Seoul 2024 Home-less World Cup

Seoul, Korea / 21-28 September 2024

The Seoul 2024 Homeless World Cup stands as a beacon of hope and change, aiming to tackle the global crisis of housing instability. Hosted by The Big Issue Korea, this renowned international festival not only spotlights the challenges faced by marginalized communities but also celebrates the potential of those who are often overlooked in discussions about housing rights. Through the power of sport and community, the event seeks to transform lives and cities, fostering a sustainable society where every individual has the right to a safe home

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Why Sponsor Our Event ?

Our mission is to challenge and reshape public perceptions and attitudes towards housing stability. The Homeless World Cup serves as a pivotal platform for youth on the brink of independence and at-risk individuals, turning them into national heroes and symbols of hope. By highlighting their struggles and triumphs, we aim to humanize the issue of homelessness and expand the understanding of what it means to be 'homeless.'

  • International Tournament (#EQUALGAME): Witness teams from around the world compete in a series of soccer matches that transcend mere sport. Each game underscores our commitment to equality, inclusion, and the universal right to housing.

  • Cities Ending Homelessness Conference: This conference brings together global leaders, policymakers, and activists to forge solutions for housing instability. Together, we declare an end to housing poverty, reinforcing our commitment to a future where no one is left without a home.

Host Organization The Big Issue Korea has been the driving force behind South Korea's national team at the Homeless World Cup since 2010. Recognized as a public interest corporation and designated donation organization, it operates with the vision of creating a society where everyone enjoys a stable life through secure housing. The Homeless World Cup is one of their key initiatives towards raising awareness and fostering positive societal change.

Social Impact Participation in the Homeless World Cup has a profound impact on individuals and communities alike. By providing a platform for marginalized groups to be seen and heard, the event sparks ongoing dialogue about the critical need for stable housing. It empowers participants and spectators to form support networks, advocating for policy changes and increased support for all experiencing homelessness and housing instability.

Join Us We invite companies, individuals, and organizations passionate about social change and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to support or participate in this transformative event. Together, we can create a world where everyone has the foundation of a stable home to build their lives upon.

Insights from Our Supporters

Alex Ferguson (Former Manchester United FC Manager)Founding Ambassador of Street Soccer Scotland
The Homeless World Cup shows that football is a powerful way to change people's lives. Participating in the Homeless World Cup is an incredible experience.
Lee Geun-hoChairman of the Organizing Committee
The Homeless World Cup is not just a football event. It is a festival for creating a better world where we live together with marginalized communities.
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