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Maximize your brand visibility with our high-resolution LED trucks, capable of playing videos, posting images, and streaming audio. Customizable routes and schedules ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

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LED Truck Advertising

1️⃣ A mobile billboard equipped with high-resolution LED screens on which you can:

  • ▶️ Play video
  • 📷 Post images
  • 🔊 Play audio

2️⃣ Our LED billboard trucks are “movie theaters on wheels “ - equipped with powerful 15 Kw generators and feature bright LED technology, ensuring visibility under any lighting conditions, including bright sunlight.

3️⃣ LED Trucks can also be used with:

  • Gaming Consoles
  • Interactive Games
  • Live Streaming
  • Live Drone Feeds
  • GoPro Cameras
  • iPhone Screen Mirroring
  • Social Media Streams

Why Advertise with Us?

Since 2019, we have 1,450+ executed orders, 350+ reorders for industries like CPG, Retail, Tech, Political Organizations, Local Services

  • All of our trucks are black and unbranded to give you a maximum transparency About Listing Files

  • All routes are customizable: Trucks are available 7 days a week and can drive for 8 hours per day.

  • All campaigns are customizable in terms of date, time, place and duration.

About Listing Files

  • Daily rate of $1,950: Savings are based on the average market rate for LED trucks ($2,400). We also offer wholesale pricing on 30-60 day campaigns, starting at $1,250 per day.

How It Works:

Target key locations where your audience congregates and grab their attention

  • Before your ad campaign:
    • Specify the city
    • Specify the dates
    • Submit creatives
    • We’ll present you with a proposed route based on our target audience and marketing objectives.
  • During your ad campaign: You’ll have the option to include a photographer to capture memorable moments and gets tons of great social content
  • After your ad campaign: Post-campaign, a detailed report with GPS data, a gallery, and raw data for retargeting on social media is provided.

🇺🇸 We cover 30 cities 🇺🇸

Detroit Miami
Tampa Orlando
Jacksonville Philadelphia
Buffalo Chicago
Los Angeles San Diego
San Francisco Seattle
Dallas Atlanta
Savannah, GA Minneapolis
Houston McAllen
Washington, DC Cleveland
Phoenix Raleigh
Nashville Boston
Denver Columbus
Indianapolis NYC
Jersey City Cambridge
Arlington New Orleans
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