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Get your business seen by thousands of shoppers every week with strategic ad placements in high-traffic supermarkets. Leverage existing marketing budgets and secure consistent visibility in the community. Everything related to grocery store ads, whether it is shopping cart ads, coupon ads, or in-store displays, is available to maximize your reach and become a celebrity in your zip code or neighborhood

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Why Partner with Us ?

Grocery Store Advertising

🚶‍♂️ High Traffic Locations: Nearly every city has a supermarket where your business can get over a million hours of face-to-face exposure each year.

🏪 Community Hub: Supermarkets are the heart of the community, attracting a wide range of shoppers.

🛒 Frequent Visits: The average shopper visits the supermarket 1.5 times a week, spending nearly 40 minutes per visit.

💸 High Consumer Transactions: A single supermarket handles over 20,000 consumer transactions each week.

👥 Shopper Demographics: 57% female and 43% male shoppers.

📊 Wide Reach: 46% of the US population visits grocery stores each week.

🚗 Proximity: The average distance from a shopper’s home to the store is 3.9 miles.

Why You Should Advertise in Grocery Ads

📈 Leverage Existing Marketing: Benefit from the grocery store’s marketing budget, which includes over a million dollars each year on coupons, mailers, radio, and TV ads, plus endorsements from big brands like Coca-Cola, General Mills, and Starbucks.

🔄 Consistent Exposure: Your ads are placed in the child seat of shopping carts, ensuring exposure seven days a week. Shoppers are reminded of your business, location, and contact information every time they shop.

🎯 Targeted Reach: A percentage of consumers will need services like a new doctor, car, roof, insurance agent, plumber, landscaper, or real estate agent. Your ad reaches them at the right time.

🛒 Permanent Placement: Ads are placed next to the aisle directory, staying with the customer for the duration of their shopping trip, unlike other ads that can be turned off or thrown away.

🔄 Exclusive Renewal Rights: As a member, you get the first right to renew your ad space and expand into additional markets.

📅 Consistent Visibility: Your business gets exposure two to three times a week, 52 weeks a year, for the life of your campaign.

How It Works:

  1. 📅 Share Your Preferred Dates and Zip Codes: Let us know the dates and zip codes where you want your ads to appear.
  2. 📍 Check Availability: We will inform you about the availability and provide alternative supermarket locations if needed.
  3. 🎨 Creative Materials: After payment, we create the creative materials for your campaign.


Amy W.Willliamson’s Heating & Cooling, Tucson Arizona
I know the repetitive exposure in the supermarkets has been working to bring more customers to our business.When the customers need our services the exposure of seeing our company's name time and time again can only give our company a leg up to the company they will call.
Carrie AnguillonFarmers Insurance | Sierra Vista, Arizona
People already know me before I meet them. Others who have heard of us, now see us at the store and now put our face to our name. Our cart branding has reinforced our presence in the community, and allows our community to know that we are local too!
Layne LundeenLaurie Hassey & Claire Durand: Tanque Verde Trio | Long Realty, Tucson AZ
Recently we had a client see our marketing programs in the community. When he was at the Safeway store, he took a picture of our ad and when he got home, he was able to contact us so we could list their home. This program compliments our other marketing programs and our business is growing.
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