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Murmur Logo
MurmurVerified seller
Out Of Home (OOH)Advertise on Smart Backpack Screens in Chicago & SF
Chicago, Illinois • San Francisco, California
Animals & Nature • Arts & Entertainment
$2,250See Details
TrueSyncTV® Logo
TrueSyncTV®Verified seller
Out Of Home (OOH)Advertise with TrueSyncTV®, the in-house TV in bars and restaurants
Alabama, United States • Arizona, United States
Animals & Nature • Arts & Entertainment
$50See Details
Firefly Logo
FireflyVerified seller
Out Of Home (OOH)Boost Your Reach in USA's Busiest Cities with Digital Taxi Top Ads
Miami, Florida • Boston, Massachusetts
All Categories
$50See Details
fucimo Logo
fucimoVerified seller
Out Of Home (OOH)Times Square Spotlight
Manhattan, New York
Animals & Nature • Arts & Entertainment
$300See Details
Retail Fluent Media Network Logo
Retail Fluent Media NetworkVerified seller
Out Of Home (OOH)Digital Screens for Spirits After Hours
Springfield, Massachusetts • Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
All Categories
$100See Details
MVS Media Group Logo
MVS Media GroupVerified seller
Out Of Home (OOH)LED Digital Billboard Trucks w/ 3X Exposure
New York City, New York • Atlanta, Georgia
All Categories
$1,400See Details
Digitize TV Logo
Digitize TVVerified seller
Out Of Home (OOH)Advertise on Digital Menu Boards in Prime Locations
The Bronx, New York • Bronx, New York
Animals & Nature • Arts & Entertainment
$50See Details
Q Vision  Logo
Q Vision Verified seller
Out Of Home (OOH)Anamorphic Services: 3D Ads Contents for Digital Screen and Billboards
United States • United Kingdom
Animals & Nature • Arts & Entertainment
$4,500See Details

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Fucimo has been a game-changer for our AI Assistant app Nova, making all OOH marketing options in San Francisco accessible and helping us reach our audience like never before.

They've supported our marketing mix affordably, diversifying our reach, and growing our brand.

Erdal Arabacı

Head of Marketing at HubX

Fucimo was instrumental in helping us launch our AI app in Los Angeles. They made it incredibly easy for us to explore different advertising options, and the whole campaign planning and buying process was wrapped up in just 2 days.

It's real efficiency and accessibility at its best.

İrem Eribol

Chief of Staff at Ollang

I never thought I could do advertising without burning a hole in my pocket until I found fucimo. It's like they get what us business owners need

It's simple to use, affordable, and it works.

Orhan Arıkan

Champion Pizza (12+ Locations in NY, FL), General Manager

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