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Hyperlocal Digital Kiosk Advertising

by Tiffany Outdoor

  • Price Per Kiosk: For a 2-month, 24/7 exclusive ad run on a single kiosk per location.
  • Exclusive Ad Display: We guarantee that your ad will be the only content showcased on the kiosk, eliminating competition and securing prime visibility for your brand.
  • Campaign Proof: Post-campaign, receive a deck with ad installation photos, location listings, and coverage maps.


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Tiffany Outdoor

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We specialize in creating high-impact advertising campaigns in unique urban spaces like laundromats and transit areas, connecting brands with diverse audiences in everyday environments

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About Our Digital Kiosk Advertising

  • Hyperlocal Targeting: Position your brand precisely where it matters most.
  • Unmatched Attention: Benefit from 100% Share of Voice on each kiosk, guaranteeing that your ad never shares space with another advertiser.
  • Display your message with static or full-motion video.
  • Proof of Performance (POP) Deck: At the campaign's conclusion, we provide a comprehensive POP Deck, which includes 1. Photographic Evidence: Visual confirmation with photographs of your advertisements and their installations. 2. Location Details: A detailed report listing all the locations where your ads were placed. 3. Mapping: Visual maps highlighting the geographic spread of your campaign's reach for a clear view of the coverage area.

About Listing Files

Getting Started With Your Campaign

Click on the "Create Campaign" button on this page to begin.

  1. Nationwide Coverage: We operate in all states, partnering with a wide network of chain and independent stores.
  2. Target Location Selection: Specify the neighborhoods or ZIP codes where you want your Tiffany outdoor listings as well as the number of locations.
  3. Radius List Creation: From your chosen areas, we'll compile a 5-mile radius list to pinpoint potential locations for your advertisements.
  4. Pricing and Inclusions: The price is per location and includes all costs for design, printing, and distribution.

About Our Digital Hand Sanitizer Kiosks

  • Touchless Hand Sanitizer: Draw engagement with a practical, health-oriented feature.
  • Temperature Sensor: Innovate your approach with interactive technology.
  • Reliable Performance: Continuous electronic monitoring assures your campaign is always on point.

About Tiffany Outdoor

  • Diverse Media Portfolio: Tiffany Outdoor isn’t just about laundromat advertising. We represent an extensive range of non-traditional and place-based media across the out-of-home advertising spectrum, including ferry boats, malls, buses, trains, sports venues, department stores, and beauty salons.

  • National Reach, Local Precision: Through our comprehensive network of media providers, we offer clients the ability to reach audiences at all levels — whether you're targeting specific communities or launching a nationwide campaign.

  • Experienced Leadership: Under the guidance of Barbara Rosenthal, Tiffany Outdoor has grown into a leading force in the OOH advertising sector. Our team’s expertise means we can offer not just visibility, but true market penetration and a breakthrough in advertising clutter.

  • Ethnic and Multi-Cultural Focus: We are committed to diversity in advertising, with specialized strategies to target and engage multi-ethnic audiences effectively. Our campaigns are designed to be as diverse and dynamic as the communities we aim to reach.

Tiffany Outdoor isn’t just an advertising provider; we’re a partner in creating memorable campaigns that engage targeted demographics with creativity and strategic placement, ensuring your message isn’t just seen — it’s remembered.

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