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Advertise on Digital Menu Boards in Prime Locations

by Digitize TV

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  • Weekly Rate: Just $50 for each location
  • 10 second ad spot plays between menu and product/service screens
  • Ad plays approx. 15 times/hour.
  • Supports QR code ads


  • 10% discount on 4 or more locations
  • Free ad design included with 2-month minimum ad campaign
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Age Groups All age groups
Gender All genders
Location The Bronx, New York, USA
Location Bronx, New York, USA
Location Briarcliff Manor, New York, USA
Location Hartsdale, New York, USA
Location Port Chester, New York, USA
Location Norwalk, Connecticut, USA

Listing Owner

Digitize TV logo

Digitize TV

Verified seller

Specializes in advertising on digital menu boards in cafes and restaurants, offering tailored solutions to meet the specific needs and budgets of each advertiser.

Questions for the Listing Owner?

  • Ask about discounts for larger quantities.
  • Find out if ad design services are available.
  • Get confirmation of your campaign's launch.
  • ...and many more queries!

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About Digital Menu Ads

  • Unique digital billboards located FRONT & CENTER inside local small businesses, such as bakeries, delis, pizzerias, chiropractic & physical therapy offices.
  • We pride ourselves on our strict requirements for digital ad hosts. Every DigitizeTV host screen is quality-assurance certified to meet our strict requirements.
  • Highly visible
  • Large format screen (40” to 60” screens)
  • Always on during business hours
  • High foot-traffic locations only
  • All locations are local favorites, with a steady amount of clients!

All inclusive, customizable, hyperlocal ads

  • 10 second ad spot – ad plays between menu and product/service screens
  • Plays on loop (days/times vary based on location hours)
  • Ad plays approx. 15 times an hour.
  • Supports QR code ads
  • Easily change or update your ad mid-campaign
  • Easily schedule ads to start/stop on particular dates
  • Run an ad campaign as little as 1-week
  • Free ad design included with 2-month minimum ad campaign
  • Ad specs: 1920x1080, JPB or MP4 / 1080x1920, JPG or MP4

Why Advertise on Digital Menu Boards

  • Hyper-local targeting
  • Target customers in the community while they eat, shop and run their daily errands.
  • Repeat marketing to local consumers who frequent the same locations as they buy their morning coffee, grab a sandwich for lunch and visit their local chiropractor for their weekly adjustment.
  • Customers spend several minutes looking at the screens when deciding what to purchase, or while waiting to see a doctor.
  • Our screens are centrally located in high-traffic areas and are designed to capture the attention of people as soon as they enter the room, by providing important content. Your ad will be seen over and over again!
  • Very affordable and competitive way for local businesses to reach a high number of people with a high rate of frequency.
  • High dwell times depending on location: Doctor/Chiropractor – average dwell time of 30 mins, PT – average dwell time of 90 mins, Deli/Pizzeria – average dwell time of 15 mins

About Our Ad Creation Services

  • Exclusive Ad Creation Offer: Get your ad crafted for just $95, and it's yours to use anywhere else you need!
  • Complimentary Ad Creation: Enjoy FREE ad creation when you commit to min of 2-month ad buy with us.

Need an ad spot longer than 10 seconds? Have a custom request? Want to run a sponsorship of a location? Contact Seller for custom advertising options. DigitizeTV offers customizable Ad Packages.

About Digitize TV

  • Backed by 25 years experience in website development, online advertising and digital out of home, Marie started Digitize TV.
  • Her focus is on the small business owner - the person who wears several hats while running his/her business. Marie helps these busy owners by taking away one of their tasks (managing their menu) and helping increase sales at the same time.
  • WESTCHESTER MAGAZINE / 914 INC. "BEST SIGNAGE COMPANY". You can reach the list here. About Listing Files

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have my creative ready when booking?

No. Your ad creatives can be submitted up to 24 hours before your start date.

What are the creative specs?

JPG or 10 second MP4, 1080x1920, 1920x1080

What if I don’t have an ad?

No worries! DigitizeTV will create it for you. Just send us your logo and we will work with you to design an amazing ad for only $95! Free ad design included with 2-month minimum ad campaign. Plus, you get to use the ad wherever you want – on your social media campaigns, emails blasts, print ads, etc.

Can I change my ad mid-campaign?

Yes! That’s the beauty of digital advertising! Just email us to swap out your creatives.

What if my video is longer than 10 seconds?

Message DigitizeTV and we will work with you to accommodate you.

Can I sponsor a menu?

Sure! Message DigitizeTV to find out how to become an exclusive SPONSOR of the digital menu boards for a particular business. For example, have your logo serve alongside all menu screens at a deli, plus a 15-second ad spot to go along with it. DigitizeTV will work with you to develop custom ad packages.

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