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Partner with TFD's The Financial Confessions podcast

by The Financial Diet

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  • 3 Ad Spots per Episode
  • Host-Read Mid-Episode (30-35 min)
  • Posted on Our YouTube Channel
  • Promoted on TFD’s Instagram (In-Feed Post and Story)


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Age Groups 18-24, 25-34, 35-44
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The Financial Diet

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Your go-to destination for women to talk money. Expert advice, podcasts, and community support to help you master your finances

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Who We Are

The Financial Diet (TFD) is the premier destination for women to discuss money and all its facets. Our community connects millions of women who excel at managing their finances and seek to share their knowledge.

Platform Reach

TFD’s first-ever podcast, “The Financial Confessions,” features hour-long interviews with money experts, celebrities, and creatives. This 35-episode series is available on all major podcast networks and YouTube, boasting impressive reach and engagement.

Podcast Highlights

  • 2.5 Million Views/ Listens: Across all episodes of “The Financial Confessions.”
  • 5.6 Million Social Impressions: From supporting promotional posts.
  • 247K Social Engagements: High interaction rate from our engaged audience.
  • 20K Views on IG Live: Hosted by TFD founder Chelsea Fagan.

Advertising Components

  • 35 Episodes: Distributed across all major podcast networks and YouTube.
  • 3-5 Ad Spots Per Episode: Host-read ads placed mid-episode (30-35 min).
  • Co-Branded Social Promotion: For every episode, ensuring wide reach and engagement.
  • Instagram Live Q&A: With TFD founder Chelsea Fagan, engaging our audience directly.

Additional Promotion

  • YouTube: 975,000 subscribers on the largest female-focused personal finance channel.

  • Web: 1.5 million monthly page views.

  • Digital Events: Over 100,000 attendees to date.

  • Social Media: Over 1 million followers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, with high engagement.

  • Email: 30% open rate and 3% click-through rate for our weekly eNews.

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Why Advertise with TFD?

  • Highly Educated Audience: 96% have a college education, with 36% earning $100k+.
  • Career-Driven: 72% are interested in owning their own business.
  • Formative Decision-Making Years: 87% are Millennials and Gen Z, actively making financial decisions.
  • Loyalty and Trust: 97% trust the information they consume from TFD, making them more likely to engage with advertised products.

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