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Reach 34K Followers with Fashion & Beauty Influencers

by Exordi

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  • Engage: 1 targeted post from each influencer.
  • Reach: Direct exposure to over 34K style enthusiasts.
  • Impact: A single, strategic feature to spark brand curiosity.


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Age Groups 18-24, 25-34
Gender All genders
Location United States

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Streamlining content campaigns via top creators and tech, Exordi delivers targeted brand exposure instantly.

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Step into the spotlight with our Influencer Spotlight Series, featuring three of Instagram’s rising stars in fashion and beauty. Join Colby Farrell, Alissa Sugawara, and Maelyn Roland as they curate and share their picks from the latest in apparel, makeup, and accessories. With a combined reach of over 34K dedicated followers, your brand can shine in the trendiest corners of social media.

Meet Our Influencers

  • Colby Farrell A connoisseur of chic fashion and an inspiration for over 12K followers, Colby’s posts resonate with a young, vibrant audience.

  • Alissa Sugawara With a flair for the elegant and the everyday, Alissa brings 11.3K followers along on a journey through fashion and style.

  • Maelyn Roland Maelyn’s unique blend of modern aesthetics connects with over 11.2K followers, making every collaboration a trendsetter.

What We Offer

  • Exclusive Content by Fashion & Beauty Creators
  • Direct Engagement with Style-Savvy Audiences
  • Custom Content Creation and Instagram Post for Apparel, Cosmetics, and More
  • Real-time Analytics on Campaign Performance

How It Works:

  • Choose Your Package: Select from in-feed posts
  • Craft Your Story: Work with to create content that aligns with your campaign objective
  • Go Live: Watch as your brand story unfolds across Instagram feeds, engaging an audience primed for beauty and style.
  • Measure Success: Receive comprehensive analytics reports to gauge the impact and reach of your campaign.

Engagement Opportunities

  • Expected Reach: 34K+ Followers Combined
  • Engagement Rate: Above Industry Standard
  • Audience Demographics: Predominantly Ages 18-34
  • Content Themes: Fashion, Beauty, Accessory, Cosmetics
  • For detailed metric, please see attachements and media on this page.

Why Partner With Us?

Targeted Demographics: Our influencers reach a prime audience aged 18-34, perfect for brands aiming to connect with a youthful, stylish demographic.

Influencer Authority: Leverage the credibility and niche expertise of influencers like Colby, Alissa, and Maelyn, who command attention in the fashion and beauty sphere.

Strategic Impact: Engage with a marketing strategy that blends reach, relevance, and real results, starting at $2,500.

Discover Our Other Influencer Opportunities

Looking to broaden your brand's visibility and connect with even more dynamic fashion and beauty enthusiasts? Explore our range of influencer packages, each designed to cater to various branding needs and audience engagements. Delve into these additional opportunities for unparalleled brand exposure:

  • 42K Elegance: Chic Beauty & Fashion Collaborations Elevate your campaign with Ella Rattigan, Anna Van Patten, and Toni Smith, whose combined reach of 42K followers offers a luxurious blend of fashion and beauty expertise. Perfect for brands seeking to captivate a stylish and discerning audience.

  • Glamour Guild 54.6K: Chic Beauty & Fashion Collaborations Dive into the glamorous world of Angel Prost, Nell Grabczak, and Jade Turner. With a total following of 54.6K, their influence spans across the latest trends in clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories, promising high engagement and significant impact.


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