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Times Square Spotlight

by fucimo

  • 15 seconds of ad in Times Square
  • The billboard is 3480x3480 pixels, just over 91 feet.


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Location Manhattan, New York, USA

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About Times Square Spotlight

  • Gain visibility in the heart of Times Square by taking over the 91-foot screen at the intersection of 7th Avenue and W47th Street, visible to the crowd in Duffy Square.

  • Feature your content for 15 seconds on one of the largest digital billboards.


  • To promote your brand or service
  • To elevate your social media content
  • Marriage proposals
  • To surprise loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations

Creative Tips

  • You don’t need a specific ad! Utilize your social media handle, account info, or personal celebration.
  • Your own original photo, video, social media handle or social media profile URLs are allowed.
  • URLs, links, and QR codes are not permitted.

Your Billboard Spotlight: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Submission of Ad Creative: Upon purchase or during the campaign creation process, you'll be required to submit your 15-second ad creative for review.
  2. Ad Confirmation: Your ad will undergo a review process to ensure it aligns with our content guidelines, see more above or FAQ below. Once your creative is confirmed to meet these standards, your order will be confirmed.
  3. Scheduling Your Spotlight: After confirmation, you'll be prompted to select your desired date and time for the ad spotlight from the available slots.
  4. Going Live: Prior to your ad's debut, you'll receive detailed information regarding the exact timing of your ad's display. Additionally, we provide a live streaming link where you can witness your spotlight in real-time, right from the heart of Times Square!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the spotlight?

The spotlight is a fixed length of 15 seconds.

What is the size of the digital billboard?

The billboard is 3480x3480 pixels, just over 91 feet.

What material can I show on the billboard?

Both photos (jpeg/h.264) and videos (4K and 60fps preferred) are acceptable.

Do you have any recommendations for creating the visual?

Yes! We recommend simplicity, contrast, brightness, and movement in the visual content to make it more engaging.

What is the average viewing distance for the billboard?

The average viewing distance is approximately 160 feet.

Customer Reviews

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Orhan ArıkanChampion Pizza (12+ Locations in NY, FL) , General Manager
6 months ago
I never thought I could do advertising without burning a hole in my pocket until I found fucimo. It's like they get what us business owners need. It's simple to use, affordable, and it works.
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