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Advertise with TrueSyncTV®, the in-house TV in bars and restaurants

by TrueSyncTV®

  • Ad Play Frequency: Your ad will be played for 1 minute every hour.
  • Pricing: The cost per venue varies based on the total number of venues selected for your campaign.
  1. For smaller campaigns including 1-9 venues: $100 per venue/month
  2. For mid-size campaigns with 10-49 venues: $75 per venue/ month.
  3. For larger campaigns with 50+ venues: $50 per venue/ month.
  • Bonus: Free ad creative included with all purchases.

$50 - $100

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Branded, in-house TV for bars and restaurants, offering engaging, fast-paced content curated for the new generation of consumers aged 21+.

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  • Find out if ad design services are available.
  • Get confirmation of your campaign's launch.
  • ...and many more queries!

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About Our In-house TV in Bars and Restaurants

Branded, in-house TV for bars and restaurants, offering engaging, fast-paced content curated for the new generation of consumers aged 21+.

🌟 Bring your brand to life with GenZ! Imagine your business showcased through engaging short-form videos, similar to those on popular mobile apps, but on TV screens.

✨ Our unique blend of entertainment and messaging keeps viewers interested without overwhelming them with ads. Every hour, TrueSyncTV®'s smart playlist generator creates a 60-minute mix of content, directly streamed to our media device. Here's what each hour includes:

  • 🎬 45 minutes of captivating entertainment.
  • 📣 (This is where your advertisement will be placed.) 12 minutes of brand advertising tailored to your audience (no competitor or political ads).
  • 🏷️ 3 minutes dedicated to venue-specific promotions.

💡 1,500+ screens nationwide, 36M+ ad views per month., 67M dwell time (duration a viewer spends engaged with an ad)

📈 Experience double the engagement (dwell time) with your content or ads compared to popular social media apps.

About Listing Files

About Our Audience

  • 🎂 Ages 21-35+: A vibrant mix of young adults and professionals.
  • 📱 Social Media Savvy: Regularly engaged in social media activities.
  • 💼 Disposable Income: Financially comfortable with spending power.
  • 🌐 Digital Natives: Grew up with and are fluent in digital technology.
  • ⏱️ Short Attention Span: Prefer quick, engaging content.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Why Choose TrueSyncTV®?

  • 🎯 Direct Consumer Engagement: Reach your customers where they relax and dine, creating memorable brand experiences.
  • 💼 Collaborative Promotions: A perfect platform for both advertisers and venues to work together, boosting product visibility.
  • 🛠️ Customizable Ads: Easily tailor your ads with prices and special offers, making them relevant to each location.
  • 🚀 Boost Sales: Activating your brand features leads to significant sales increases - it's straightforward and effective.
  • 🌍 New Audience Reach: Discover a new way to connect with consumers, expanding your audience reach.
  • 📈 Reliable Audience Data with GEOPATH: Trust in industry-standard GEOPATH for accurate and valuable audience insights, making our cost per thousand ad views (CPM) pricing highly competitive against traditional media.


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