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Advertise on Leading TV Broadcasts of All Major Sports Leagues


  • Targeting: Engage audiences precisely with location, interest, and demographic targeting.
  • Reporting: Comprehensive insights with tracking via Google Analytics, MMPs, and web pixels, alongside detailed performance reports.
  • Ad Placement: Ads are placed in key spots within streaming apps, across TV channels, and during prominent live sports and shows.
  • For a breakdown of expected outcomes by budget, please refer to the detailed description on this page.


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We allow any marketer, any brand, of any size, to advertise on TV within 5 minutes.

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The most affordable Streaming and Connected TV Advertising solution built for brands and businesses of all sizes.

Advertising during live sports on Connected TV (CTV) presents a powerful opportunity:

  • Captivated Audience: Live sports fans are deeply engaged, enhancing the impact of your ads.
  • Expanding Reach: With 160 million Americans watching and numbers growing, tap into a vast and increasing audience.
  • High Effectiveness: 74% of marketers report CTV ads during live sports outperform traditional sponsorships.
  • Premium Exposure: Your brand appears alongside premium live sports content, a highly desirable advertising environment.
  • Multi-Platform Visibility: Reach sports fans across various streaming platforms and devices, ensuring broad exposure.

About Listing Files

Choose from All Major Sports Leagues

Display your ads across major sports leagues, from the NBA to the NFL. We cover it all.

Category Audience (in Thousands)
NBA 40.9
NFL <1 (Season is over)
NCAAF 48.5
NCAAB <1 (Season is over)
NHL 10.1
PGA Tour 7.3

Deliver Nationwide or Locally

Reach 120m households nationwide or target local communities around your selling locations.

Target audiences that matter to you

Target viewers based on their socio-demographic characteristics, interests, and intent-to-buy. Show your ads to the audiences who really matter.

About Listing Files


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Measure your performances

Track your CTV campaign performance in real-time, directly on our platform or with a 3rd party partner.

Expected outcomes for different budget levels

Campaign Budget Number of Ad Views (Impressions) Number of Households Reached Web Visits App Installs Sales Foot Traffic
$500 USD 14K - 33K 2.8K - 11K 96 - 485 49 - 212 8.2 - 21 16 - 83
$1,000 USD 29K - 67K 5.6K - 22K 191 - 971 97 - 424 16 - 42 31 - 167
$5,000 USD 143K - 333K 28K - 108K 956 - 4.9K 486 - 2.1K 82 - 208 156 - 833
$10,000 USD 286K - 667K 56K - 216K 1.9K - 9.7K 972 - 4.2K 164 - 417 313 - 1.7K

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