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Reach 260K+ Travel & Lifestyle Followers through Instagram Influencers

by Exordi

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This package covers:

  • 4 Instagram creators with total followers of 120K
  • US creators with US audience
  • Content Focus: sports & travel.


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Streamlining content campaigns via top creators and tech, Exordi delivers targeted brand exposure instantly.

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Introducing Our Travel and Lifestyle Influencers

  • About Our Influencers: Tom Webster and Julia Kursten

  • Meet our dynamic team of US-based content creators, each bringing their unique flair and passion to the world of lifestyle and travel.

With a combined following of 264K engaged audiences predominantly in the United States, our collective offers unparalleled access to dedicated fans of adventure and athleticism.

What We Offer

Our influencers specialize in crafting captivating content that resonates with sports enthusiasts and travel aficionados alike. Whether your brand aligns with the thrill of a game or the joy of exploration, our team is poised to bring your message to life.

Engagement Opportunities

  • In-Feed Posts: Leverage the power of authentic storytelling with our in-feed post package. For $4,000, all four of our influencers will feature your brand in posts that capture the essence of sports and travel, ensuring maximum engagement.

  • Story Posts: Opt for a more dynamic approach with our story post package. At $2,000 for all four influencers, this option allows for real-time engagement and a direct line to passionate audiences, offering a fleeting but impactful glimpse into your brand's world.

Why Partner With Us?

  • Targeted Reach: Our collective's focus on sports and travel ensures that your brand reaches enthusiasts who are eager to engage with content that matches their interests.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: With a total of 5 influencers, your brand benefits from a broad spectrum of voices and perspectives, enriching your campaign's appeal.

  • Cost-Effective Campaigns: Our bundled pricing options provide a cost-efficient way to tap into the influencer marketing space, delivering value and visibility without compromising on quality.

About Exordi

Exordi allows brands to create, distribute and amplify content campaigns. Through a network of the world’s best creators, influencers & own tech, brands can seamlessly package premium creative, deploy it on the aggregated audience of both creators and influencers to deliver highly targeted campaigns instantly.



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