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Reach College Campuses with Vengo's 1,400+ Digital Displays

by Vengo

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Your ad will be seen 8,333 times per day (total daily impressions) in universities across the cities you select.


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Age Groups 18-24, 25-34
Gender All genders
Location United States

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Digital screens in busy spots, letting people learn about products and services. People in venues such as gyms, colleges, offices are highly engaged!

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About Vengo College Network

  • 1,486 screens
  • 971.8 million Total Impressions per month (the number times your ad is displayed)


  • 82% 18-34 age group.
  • 38% early adopters - "First of my firsts to rey new products".
  • 65% e-commerce customers - shopped for clothing, shoes, accessories via the internet in past 6 months.
  • 83% social - used social networking apps in the past 30 days.
  • 22% atheletic shoe customers - Spent on atheletic shoes in the past 12 months in $100 - $499 price range.
  • 24% struggling singles.

About Vengo

  • Vengo connects you to your target audience as they move through their daily journey.
  • Gyms, colleges, hotels, offices, grocery, residential networks
  • Top market coverages: NY, LA, Chicago
  • 820+ millions of monthly impressions (the number times your ad is displayed)
  • 1,970+ Vengo machines

Why Vengo

📍 Ubiquitous Presence: Engage your audience everywhere they go. Whether they're working out at the gym, waiting at transit hubs, or in their office lobby, we're there.

🖥️ Engage, Don't Just Display: Step beyond traditional ads. With Vengo's interactive touchpoints, captivate your audience, making every interaction memorable.

📊 Real-Time Insights: Knowledge is power. Our data-driven approach offers actionable insights, optimizing campaign performance and enhancing user engagement.

🛍️ Instant Gratification: Why wait? Vengo merges advertising with instant purchasing. Let your audience discover, engage, and buy, all in one spot.

ğŸŽ¨ Tailored Campaigns: Your brand, your way. Customize campaigns to resonate with specific demographics, locations, and goals. Speak directly to the heart of your target audience.

🔄 Consistent Brand Echo: One interaction is good; multiple is better. By weaving into a consumer's daily journey, we amplify brand recall and strengthen loyalty.


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