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NYC Taxi Ad Campaign: Master Taxi Advertising with Fucimo

Fucimo ad campaign story: Discover how we leveraged NYC taxi top digital displays for an innovative, budget-friendly marketing.

Published onDecember 29, 2023
Written byEzgi Arslantay
Timing3 min read

In New York City, where the noise of digital advertising drowns out many voices, we embarked on a mission to stand out. It's 2023, and the cost of getting noticed online is soaring. We decided to take a different route, aiming straight for the heart of the marketing community with smart, cost-effective strategies. Our platform enabled us to swiftly launch a campaign tailored for the busiest streets of NYC, engaging marketing pros right where they hustle every day. With just a few intuitive steps and a dash of creativity, we turned the challenge of high costs and high competition into an opportunity for impactful connections.

What We Wanted to Do:

We had a clear goal: reach out to the marketing community in NYC, stepping beyond the usual social media and digital ads without breaking the bank. With costs climbing on platforms like Facebook, we needed a smarter way to get our message to the right people.

Our Game Plan:

Before the busy holiday season kicked in and while the weather was still nice in Manhattan, we chose to focus on the Midtown area. It's where we knew our audience would be—heading to work, catching up after hours, and always on the move.

How We Made It Happen:

It was a breeze on our platform. In less than 5 minutes, we picked out the perfect dates and times (just during the morning rush and after-work hours) and zeroed in on the exact zip codes we wanted. Here's a quick peek at how we did it:

- Choosing NYC taxi top ads on our marketplace

fucimo advertising platform
fucimo advertising platform

- Location targeting on zip code level:

We've selected specific zip codes to reach marketing and agency professionals during their commute to work and while they catch up after hours.

location targeting while campaign creation on fucimo
location targeting while campaign creation on fucimo

- Hyper-targeted timing and campaign duration:

A 10-day campaign running on weekdays only, active from 7 AM to 9 AM and 5 PM to 8 PM

Getting Creative, Fast:

We didn't have a fancy ad ready to go, but that wasn't a problem. We whipped up something cool in Canva in about 30 minutes. Check out the template we used here.

All About Smooth Communication:

We kept our message straightforward and friendly—just like having a chat.

fucimo DM feature - some details are blurred
fucimo DM feature - some details are blurred

Seeing Is Believing:

Firefly shared snapshots of our campaign live on the streets on the very first day, and we loved seeing our message out there.

NYC taxi in Midtown
NYC taxi in Midtown
NYC taxi in Midtown
NYC taxi in Midtown

The Buzz Begins:

Right after we kicked things off, more people started visiting our website. We noticed the buzz early on and enjoyed the ride, waiting until the end to dive into the details.

fucimo traffic increase by visitors in NYC
fucimo traffic increase by visitors in NYC
The Big Picture: Impactful Results

When everything was said and done, we looked at the reports to see the difference we made.

  • Achieved a 2.5x website traffic from visitors in NYC.
  • Saw a 1.8x new signups from NYC-based users.

To accurately assess the impact, we paused all other paid channels in NYC and excluded the city from our campaign setup for 10 business days. This approach allowed for an apples-to-apples comparison. We focused solely on the uplift from organic search traffic and direct visits (users typing our web address into their browser) to ensure a clear and unambiguous analysis of the results.

Detailed Firefly Post-Campaign Delivery Report
Detailed Firefly Post-Campaign Delivery Report

In no time at all, our platform showed its strength, creating real connections in the places our audience spends their time, in a way that's totally us.

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Ezgi Arslantay

Co-Founder & CEO at fucimo

Ezgi Arslantay is a marketing professional and entrepreneur with a diverse background in brand strategy, marketing management, and business development. As the co-founder of fucimo, she assists SMBs and startups to reach and buy media, and enables creators and media networks to increase monetization through innovative technology. Before co-founding fucimo, Ezgi navigated diverse roles in both rising startups and household brands. Follow her fucimo blog for the freshest insights as she explores the intersection of technology, advertising, and business.

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